Israeli acute paralysis virus

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virion of Israeli acute paralysis virus (colored based on the distance from the virion center, the depressions are shown in blue and protrusions in red)
Author(s): Edukondalu Mullapudi, Antonín Přidal, Lenka Pálková, Joachim R. de Miranda and Pavel Plevka
Source: Journal of Virology (2016) 90 p. 8152

Israeli acute paralysis virus (IAPV)

The virus infects adult honey bees. It belongs to the genus Aparavirus (family Dicistroviridae) and is closely related to the Kashmir bee virus. It was first described from Israel in 2004 and has since been reported from Asia, Australia, Europe and the Americas.

The virus disease lacks obvious symptoms and seems to appear usually in covert infections, like most Dicistroviruses. However, workers experimentally infected with IAPV display shivering wings, cramping, and disorientation followed by paralysis and death within a few days (Amiri et al., 2019). The virus spreads within a colony through contact and by Varroa mites.