International Journal of Pest Management (2008) 54, 309-318

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Stanislav Trdan, Dragan Znidarcic, Milica Kac and Matej Vidrih (2008)
Yield of early white cabbage grown under mulch and non-mulch conditions with low populations of onion thrips (Thrips tabaci Lindeman)
International Journal of Pest Management 54 (4), 309-318
Abstract: The damage caused by Thrips tabaci to a susceptible hybrid of early white cabbage was studied in field experiments undertaken during 2004 and 2005. The three treatments tested were beds of cabbage mulched with: (1) barley straw, (2) hay, and (3) black polyethylene (PE) sheeting. Bare-soil (un-mulched) beds were used as the control treatment. One early and one late experiment were performed in both years. In the early experiments, the mulches were applied at the start of the experiment, whereas in the late experiments the soil was first covered with black polyethylene for approximately 1 month. In both years, the springs were cold and wet, and so the thrips appeared late and their numbers were low. The highest mean actual weight and trimmed weight were recorded for cabbage grown in 2005 under PE mulch (actual early: 995 g, actual late: 1184 g, trimmed early: 870 g, trimmed late: 1056 g). Year 2004 gave lower values (110g for both variables) under barley straw and hay mulch (165 g and 160 g, respectively). There was no evidence of an allelopathic effect of water extracts of either barley straw or hay.
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