International Journal of Acarology (2005) 31, 137-141

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James W. Amrine Jr. and Terry A. Stasny (2005)
The genus Epitrimerus Nalepa, 1898 and the pear rust mite, Epitrimerus pyri (Nalepa, 1891) (Prostigmata: Eriophyidae)
International Journal of Acarology 31 (2), 137-141
Abstract: Confusion and many errors in the literature regarding the genus Epitrimerus and the pear rust mite Epitrimerus pyri (Nalepa, 1891), a vagrant eriophyid species sometimes injurious to the leaves of the common pear, Pyrus communis L. (Rosaceae), are discussed. The current taxonomic status is presented.
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