Insects (2021) 12 (1 - 5)

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Priscilla Farina, Giuseppe Mazza, Claudia Benvenuti, Ilaria Cutino, Paolo Giannotti, Barbara Conti, Stefano Bedini and Elisabetta Gargani (2021)
Biological notes and distribution in southern Europe of Aclees taiwanensis Kono, 1933 (Coleoptera: Curculionidae): A new pest of the fig tree
Insects 12 (1 - 5)
Abstract: Ficus carica L. is one of the earliest cultivated fruit trees, and figs are a typical fruit of the Mediterranean diet and traditional medicine as well. In recent years, a new pest, the black weevil Aclees taiwanensis Kono, 1933 (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) native to Asia, has been recorded in France and Italy. Aclees taiwanensis causes the rapid death of the fig tree by its larvae that dig alimentation galleries in the trunk and surface roots, compromising the phloem flux. In Italy, from 2005, the year of the first detection of A. taiwanensis, the fig production has nearly halved, decreasing from 20.09 t to 10.65 t. To date, no specific EU regulation has been applied to prevent the A. taiwanensis spread, and we can reasonably expect a rapid diffusion of this pest all over the Mediterranean area. To avoid the loss of the Mediterranean fig orchards, effective strategies to detect and control the black weevil are required. Such strategies need a detailed knowledge of A. taiwanensis distribution, biology, and physiology. This paper updates the known distribution of this species in Southern Europe, using a citizen science approach, and describes, under laboratory and field conditions, its main biological traits.
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