Insects (2020) 11 (2 - 107)

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Li Chen and Sanford D. Porter (2020)
Biology of Pseudacteon decapitating flies (Diptera: Phoridae) that parasitize ants of the Solenopsis saevissima complex (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in South America
Insects 11 (2 - 107)
Abstract: Pseudacteon flies (Diptera: Phoridae) parasitize individual ant workers, causing decapitation of the host during pupariation. Phorid flies that attack South American fire ants in the Solenopsis saevissima (Smith) complex are distributed across a wide range of habitats and climates associated with the geographical range of their hosts. Sympatric species sharing the same hosts often partition niche resources by season, active time of day, host size, and/or different host activities. They have the potential of being used for biological control of the imported fire ants in North America, Australia, and Asia.
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biocontrol - natural enemies
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Beneficial Pest/Disease/Weed Crop/Product Country Quarant.
Solenopsis invicta
Solenopsis richteri
Pseudacteon litoralis (parasitoid) Solenopsis invicta
Pseudacteon tricuspis (parasitoid) Solenopsis invicta
Pseudacteon tricuspis (parasitoid) Solenopsis richteri
Pseudacteon curvatus (parasitoid) Solenopsis richteri
Pseudacteon obtusus (parasitoid) Solenopsis invicta
Pseudacteon obtusus (parasitoid) Solenopsis richteri
Pseudacteon borgmeieri (parasitoid) Solenopsis invicta
Pseudacteon borgmeieri (parasitoid) Solenopsis richteri
Pseudacteon cultellatus (parasitoid) Solenopsis invicta
Pseudacteon cultellatus (parasitoid) Solenopsis richteri
Pseudacteon nocens (parasitoid) Solenopsis invicta
Pseudacteon nocens (parasitoid) Solenopsis richteri
Pseudacteon nudicornis (parasitoid) Solenopsis invicta
Pseudacteon nudicornis (parasitoid) Solenopsis richteri