Insects (2012) 3, 200-227

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Riikka Linnakoski, Z. Wilhelm de Beer, Pekka Niemelä and Michael J. Wingfield (2012)
Associations of conifer-infesting bark beetles and fungi in Fennoscandia
Insects 3 (1), 200-227
Abstract: Bark beetles (Coleoptera, Scolytinae) have a widespread association with fungi, especially with ophiostomatoid fungi (Ascomycota) that cause blue staining of wood, and in some cases, serious tree diseases. In Fennoscandia, most studies of these fungi have focused on economically important bark beetle species and this is likely to have led to a biased view of the fungal biodiversity in the region. Recently, the associations between fungi and bark beetles in Fennoscandia have been shown to be more diverse than previously thought. Furthermore, they form complex and dynamic associations that are only now beginning to emerge. This review examines the current knowledge of the rather poorly known interactions between bark beetles, fungi and their conifer host trees in Fennoscandia. The diversity of ophiostomatoid species is discussed and the possible factors that influence the assemblages of fungal associates are considered for all species that are known to occur in the region. For many ophiostomatoid species found in Fennoscandia, little or nothing is known regarding their pathogenicity, particularly if they were to be transferred to new environments. We, therefore, draw attention to the possible threats of timber trade and climate change-induced invasions of new habitats by bark beetles and the fungi that can be moved along with them.
(The abstract is excluded from the Creative Commons licence and has been copied with permission by the publisher.)
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Ophiostoma piceae Finland
Ophiostoma piceae Norway
Ophiostoma piceae Russia (Eur.)
Ophiostoma piceae Sweden
Leptographium wingfieldii Norway
Ophiostoma minus Finland
Ophiostoma minus Norway
Ophiostoma minus Russia (Eur.)
Ophiostoma minus Sweden
Ophiostoma stenoceras Sweden
Ophiostoma piliferum Finland
Ophiostoma piliferum Norway
Ophiostoma piliferum Sweden
Ophiostoma flexuosum Sweden
Ophiostoma ips Sweden
Grosmannia penicillata Finland
Grosmannia penicillata Norway
Grosmannia penicillata Sweden
Ophiostoma canum Finland
Ophiostoma canum Russia (Eur.)
Ophiostoma canum Sweden
Ophiostoma floccosum Russia (Eur.)
Ophiostoma floccosum Sweden
Leptographium guttulatum Sweden
Ophiostoma tetropii Finland
Ophiostoma tetropii Norway
Ophiostoma tetropii Sweden
Pesotum fragrans Finland
Pesotum fragrans Russia (Eur.)
Pesotum fragrans Sweden
Graphium pseudormiticum Russia (Eur.)
Graphium pseudormiticum Sweden
Ophiostoma ainoae Norway
Ophiostoma ainoae Russia (Eur.)
Leptographium lundbergii Finland
Leptographium lundbergii Russia (Eur.)
Leptographium lundbergii Sweden
Grosmannia galeiformis Finland
Grosmannia galeiformis Russia (Eur.)
Grosmannia galeiformis Sweden
Ceratocystiopsis minuta Finland
Ceratocystiopsis minuta Russia (Eur.)
Ceratocystiopsis minuta Sweden
Ophiostoma bicolor Finland
Ophiostoma bicolor Norway
Ophiostoma bicolor Russia (Eur.)
Ophiostoma bicolor Sweden
Ophiostoma brunneociliatum Russia (Eur.)
Ophiostoma brunneociliatum Sweden
Ophiostoma karelicum Finland
Ophiostoma karelicum Norway
Ophiostoma karelicum Russia (Eur.)
Ceratocystis norvegica Norway
Ophiostoma rachisporum Finland
Ophiostoma rachisporum Russia (Eur.)
Ophiostoma tapionis Finland
Ophiostoma tapionis Russia (Eur.)
Ophiostoma fuscum Finland
Ophiostoma fuscum Russia (Eur.)
Ophiostoma pallidulum Finland
Ophiostoma saponiodorum Finland
Ophiostoma saponiodorum Russia (Eur.)
Ophiostoma clavatum Sweden