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Publications of Igor Maksimov (12 listed):

Arthropod-Plant Interactions (2020) 14, 161-168
Antonina V. Sorokan, Guzel F. Burkhanova, Galina V. Benkovskaya and Igor V. Maksimov (2020)
Colorado potato beetle microsymbiont Enterobacter BC-8 inhibits defense mechanisms of potato plants using crosstalk between jasmonate- and salicylate-mediated signaling pathways

Applied Biochemistry and Microbiology (2019) 55, 41-47
S.V. Veselova, G.F. Burkhanova, S.D. Rumyantsev, D.K. Blagova and I.V. Maksimov (2019)
Strains of Bacillus spp. regulate wheat resistance to greenbug aphid Schizaphis graminum Rond.

Applied Biochemistry and Microbiology (2017) 53, 346-352
G.F. Burkhanova, S.V. Veselova, A.V. Sorokan', D.K. Blagova, T.V. Nuzhnaya and I.V. Maksimov (2017)
Strains of Bacillus ssp. regulate wheat resistance to Septoria nodorum Berk.

Applied Biochemistry and Microbiology (2016) 52, 541-546
G. Yarullina, R.I. Kasimova and I.V. Maksimov (2016)
Signal molecules involved in the regulation of the wheat defense response to Septoria nodorum infection

Applied Biochemistry and Microbiology (2016) 52, 71-78
L.G. Yarullina, R.I. Kasimova, R.I. Ibragimov, A.R. Akhatova, I.A. Umarov and I.V. Maksimov (2016)
Qualitative and quantitative changes of potato tuber proteome under the influence of signal molecules and infection with Phytophthora infestans

Applied Biochemistry and Microbiology (2014) 50, 173-178
I.V. Maksimov, P.P. Abizgildina, A.V. Sorokan and G.F. Burkhanova (2014)
Regulation of peroxidase activity under the influence of signaling molecules and Bacillus subtilis 26D in potato plants infected with Phytophthora infestans

Biology Bulletin (2013) 40, 441-446
I.V. Maksimov, L.G. Yarullina, G.F. Burkhanova and E.A. Zaikina (2013)
Relationship between the aggressiveness and catalase activity of Septoria nodorum Berk. in wheat

Applied Biochemistry and Microbiology (2011) 47, 549-555
L.G. Yarullina, N.B. Troshina, E.A. Cherepanova, E.A. Zaikina and I.V. Maksimov (2011)
Salicylic and Jasmonic acids in regulation of the proantioxidant state in wheat leaves infected by Septoria nodorum Berk

Applied Biochemistry and Microbiology (2010) 46, 530-535
I.V. Maksimov, N.B. Troshina, O.B. Surina, E.A. Cherepanova and L.G. Yarullina (2010)
Influence of Ca2+ ions on metabolism of active oxygen species in wheat calli cocultured with the bunt pathogen Tilletia caries

Applied Biochemistry and Microbiology (2009) 45, 433-438
I.V. Maksimov, A.Sh. Valeev, E.A. Cherepanova and L.G. Yarullina (2009)
Hydrogen peroxide production in wheat leaves infected with the fungus Septoria nodorum Berk. Strains with different virulence

Biology Bulletin (2007) 34, 451-456
N.B. Troshina, L.G. Yarullina, A.Sh. Valeev and I.V. Maksimov (2007)
Salicylic acid induces resistance to Septoria nodorum Berk. in wheat

Biology Bulletin (2006) 33, 466-470
I.V. Maksimov, E.A. Cherepanova, G.F. Murtazina and N.N. Chikida (2006)
The relationship between the resistance of Aegilops umbellulata Zhuk. seedlings to Septoria nodorum Berk. and peroxidase isozyme pattern