Horticultural Science (Prague) (2014) 41, 167-174

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H. Weissinger, H. Flachowsky and A. Spornberger (2014)
New strawberry genotypes tested for organic production on a Verticillium-infested site
Horticultural Science (Prague) 41 (4), 167-174
Abstract: Nineteen new strawberry breeding clones, bred at the Institute for Breeding Research on Fruit Crops in Dresden-Pillnitz, Germany, were evaluated for their suitability for organic production at a Verticillium-infested site in Vienna, Austria. Soil cover, plant vitality, resistance to leaf spot diseases as well as flower damages by the strawberry blossom weevil (Anthonomus rubi) and by spring frost were recorded. In two consecutive years, marketable yield and fruits infested by Botrytis cinerea were assessed. Three breeding clones, P-7189, P-8043 and P-8071, were considered as suitable for organic strawberry production. P-7189 and P-8043 showed high tolerance to Verticillium wilt. The breeding clones P-8155 and P-8166 performed well under organic management but had very soft fruits that were not acceptable for commercial fruit production. The rest of the breeding clones were low-yielding, however, some of them could be of interest for home gardens due to their good flavour and high plant vitality.
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Anthonomus rubi Strawberry (Fragaria) Austria
Botrytis cinerea Strawberry (Fragaria) Austria
Verticillium dahliae Strawberry (Fragaria) Austria