HortScience (2014) 49, 1052-1055

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Thomas H. Spreen, Jean-Paul Baldwin and Stephen H. Futch (2014)
An economic assessment of the impact of huanglongbing on citrus tree plantings in Florida
HortScience 49 (8), 1052-1055
Abstract: Huanglongbing (HLB) was first discovered in Florida in 2005. It can now be found in all counties in the state where commercial citrus production takes place. HLB is a bacterial disease that is transmitted by the Asiatic citrus psyllid. HLB negatively affects citrus producers in several ways, including reduced yield, increased grove maintenance costs, and increased tree mortality. The research presented in this article suggests that another consequence of HLB is its adverse effect on the willingness of producers to invest in new plantings. Reduced plantings imply reduced fruit production in the future.
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