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Log-in problems

Some guidance for log-in problems caused by:

Technical Problems
We have sometimes experienced technical problems during the log-in process and the log-in process might not work due to a technical error. In such cases, it can help if you check the box "Keep me logged in" below the field for entering the password.

My password does not work anymore

  • Remember that your password is case-sensitive! It might not work if your keyboard is switched to entering capital letters.
  • After registration you are given a temporary password which needs to be changed during the first log-in. Please note that this temporary password expires after some time. You then get a message that your password is invalid. In such cases request a new password using Rest password.

I have forgotten the exact spelling of my username
Your username is normally your full name (like "John Smith") but you might have used a middle name or spelled your name with or without an accent, hyphen, umlaut, etc. To find the exact spelling of your username:

  • Every user has a page with his/her affiliation and usually a publication list. Locate this page by starting to type your last name into the search box on the top right corner. E.g typing "Barro" gives the search suggestion Barros-Rios, Jaime below the search box.
  • Alternatively locate your country starting with Scientists. E.g. Scientists Europe South then Scientists Spain. Then locate your name. In each country the list of scientists is sorted by the last names (main names).
  • Once you have located your page click on your name which brings you to the user page. Your username is the name after "User:", e.g. "Jaime Barros Rios" which may be different from the page with your affiliation and literature (in this case "Jaime Barros-Rios" with a hyphen).

I have forgotten my password
In the log-in form click on Forgotten your login details? and request an e-mail reminder.

I have requested an email reminder of my password, but do not get an email from the system
A possible reason is that you have changed your email address since you have registered and the email address used for registration is no longer functioning. In such cases please contact the International Society for Pest Information and request help.