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Mole cricket life history
Author: Richard Lydekker
Source: Wikimedia Commons
Vernacular names
• Deutsch: Maulwurfsgrillen
• English: mole crickets
• Français: courtillières

Gryllotalpidae (mole crickets)

This family of crickets contains more than 100 species which live underground and have powerful, modified forelegs, equipped with strong teeth. They are typically omnivores and feed on insects but also on plant materials. Some cause serious damage to roots of grasses and crops and are considered important agricultural pests like several species of the genus Scapteriscus.

The males produce a characteristic song with their wings to attract females. For this, the edge of the upper wing is rubbed against a row of teeth on the lower wing. The song is species-specific. The eggs are laid in underground chambers and are tended by the female.

For more details see the respective page in Wikipedia.

The following genera are currently entered in the system: