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Gryllus campestris (click on image to enlarge it)
Author(s): Eric Steinert
Source: Wikimedia Commons
Vernacular names
• Deutsch: echte Grillen
• English: crickets
true crickets
• Español: gríllidos
• Français: grillons

Gryllidae - (crickets)

The family of crickets is widely distributed and includes mainly polyphagous species. Several are regarded as crop or storage pests, some also as predators (see the page predatory Gryllidae for that group). The house cricket (Acheta domesticus) and the fall field cricket (Gryllus pennsylvanicus) are examples of pests. Eggs are laid in the ground.

The Gryllidae have some relationship to the long-horned grasshoppers or bush crickets (Tettigoniidae) and have long and thin antennae as well as hind legs suitable for jumping. The body is compact. The forewings are folded flat over the abdomen and apart from flying are used for stridulation. Some species are also wingless.

The following genera are currently entered in the system: