Gesunde Pflanzen (2020) 72, 403-411

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Roland Gerhards, Benjamin Kollenda, Jannis Machleb, Kurt Möller, Andreas Butz, David Reiser and Hans-Werner Griegentrog (2020)
Camera-guided weed hoeing in winter cereals with narrow row distance
Gesunde Pflanzen 72 (4), 403-411
Abstract: Farmers are facing severe problems with weed competition in cereal crops. Grass-weeds and perennial weed species became more abundant in Europe mainly due to high percentages of cereal crops in cropping systems and reduced tillage practices combined with continuous applications of herbicides with the same mode of action. Several weed populations have evolved resistance to herbicides. Precision weed hoeing may help to overcome these problems. So far, weed hoeing in cereals was restricted to cropping practices with row distances of more than 200 mm. Hoeing in cereals with conventional row distances of 125–170 mm requires the development of automatic steering systems. The objective of this project was to develop a new automatic guidance system for inter-row hoeing using camera-based row detection and automatic side-shift control. Six field studies were conducted in winter wheat to investigate accuracy, weed control efficacy and crop yields of this new hoeing technology.
A three-meter prototype and a 6-meter segmented hoe were built and tested at three different speeds in 150 mm seeded winter wheat. The maximum lateral offset from the row center was 22.53 mm for the 3 m wide hoe and 18.42 mm for the 6 m wide hoe. Camera-guided hoeing resulted in 72–96% inter-row and 21–91% intra-row weed control efficacy (WCE). Weed control was 7–15% higher at 8 km h-1 compared to 4 km h-1. WCE could be increased by 14–22% when hoeing was combined with weed harrowing. Grain yields after camera-guided hoeing at 8 km h-1 were 15–76% higher than the untreated control plots and amounted the same level as the weed-free herbicide plots. The study characterizes camera-guided hoeing in cereals as a robust and effective method of weed control.
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Beneficial Pest/Disease/Weed Crop/Product Country Quarant.
Stellaria media (weed) Wheat (Triticum) Germany
Veronica persica (weed) Wheat (Triticum) Germany
Matricaria chamomilla (weed) Wheat (Triticum) Germany
Viola arvensis (weed) Wheat (Triticum) Germany
Lamium purpureum (weed) Wheat (Triticum) Germany
Alopecurus myosuroides (weed) Wheat (Triticum) Germany