Fusarium cerealis

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Fusarium cerealis - A + B) culture on PDA, C) sporodochium, D) macroconidia, E) necrotic lesions after inoculation of maize stalks (2 isolates, 14 days post inoc.) - scale bars: 20 µm - supplementary material to article Plant Disease (2018) vol. 102, p. 444
Authors:L. Shan, J. Zhang, N. Ma, X. Dai, and W. Guo
Source:Open Media

Fusarium cerealis (Cooke) Sacc. 1886

This fungus is widely distributed in cereal growing countries and infects mainly wheat, maize and barley. Other crops may also become infected. On cereals it causes diseases like scab, head blight, stalk or root rot, as well as seedling blight.

Fusarium crookwellense