Fungal Diversity (2014) 68, 105-158

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Kasun M. Thambugala, Hiran A. Ariyawansa, Yan-Mei Li, Saranyaphat Boonmee, Sinang Hongsanan, Qing Tian, Chonticha Singtripop, D. Jayarama Bhat, Erio Camporesi, Ruvishika Jayawardena, Zuo-Yi Liu, Jian-Chu Xu, Ekachai Chukeatirote and Kevin D. Hyde (2014)
Fungal Diversity 68 (1), 105-158
Abstract: The type specimens or representative specimens of the potentially dothidealean genera Bagnisiella, Botryochora, Coccostromella, Columnosphaeria, Delphinella, Dictyodothis, Discosphaerina, Dothidea, Dothiora, Endodothiora, Jaffuela, Mycoporis, Omphalospora, Pachysacca, Plowrightia, Saccothecium, Stylodothis, Sydowia and Yoshinagaia were examined while, fresh specimens of Aureobasidium pullulans, Dothidea insculpta, Plowrightia ribesia and Saccothecium sepincola were made from Italy and Thailand. An introduction and the history of these genera, their family placement, morphology, and molecular phylogeny are provided. Morphology plus GenBank data are used to provide a systematic treatment of Dothideales. Phylogenetic analysis of LSU, SSU and ITS gene regions was carried out and in the resulting phylogenetic tree the taxa cluster in two clades with high bootstrap support. Clade A comprises Dothideaceae, the family type of Dothideales. The family Dothioraceae is not recognized as a distinct family and is synonymized under Dothideaceae. Neocylindroseptoria is introduced to accommodate Cylindroseptoria pistaciae as it forms a well-supported distinct clade in Dothideaceae. Clade B comprises Aureobasidium, Kabatiella, Pseudoseptoria, Saccothecium and Selenophoma species and Columnosphaeria fagi, for which we propose a new family, Aureobasidiaceae. The recently introduced Sydowia eucalypti also clustered within Clade B and therefore based on morphology and molecular phylogeny a new genus Pseudosydowia is introduced for Sydowia eucalypti. Celosporium laricicola is separated in a distinct clade, and therefore it is placed in Dothideales, genera, incertae sedis. The genera Bagnisiella, Botryochora, Coccostromella, Jaffuela, Lucidascocarpa, Mycoporis, Omphalospora, Pachysacca and Yoshinagaia are excluded from Dothideales and their placements are discussed.
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Aureobasidium pullulans