Fungal Diversity (2008) 28, 73-84

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C.A. Rodas, J. Roux, M. van Wyk, B.D. Wingfield and M.J. Wingfield (2008)
Ceratocystis neglecta sp. nov., infecting Eucalyptus trees in Colombia
Fungal Diversity 28, 73-84
Abstract: Commercial plantation forestry utilising species of non-native Eucalyptus trees forms an important industry in Colombia. These trees are, however, threatened by fungal diseases. In recent years a number of reports of Ceratocystis fimbriata s.l., causing wilt and death of Eucalyptus spp. have emerged from African and South American countries. In Colombia, the fungus is a serious pathogen of coffee, cacao and citrus where it enters wounds and causes a severe canker stain disease. Ceratocystis fimbriata has, however, not been found on Eucalyptus spp. in Colombia and the aim of this study was to consider whether it might infect wounds on these trees in the country. Eucalyptus grandis trees were artificially wounded in three different geographic zones of Colombia and a Ceratocystis sp. was commonly isolated from these wounds. Isolates of the fungus were identified based on morphology and through comparisons of sequences for the ITS regions of the rDNA operon. Morphological and DNA sequence comparisons showed that isolates from E. grandis in Colombia represent a new species of Ceratocystis, closely resembling C. fimbriata s.s. and for which the name C. neglecta sp. nov. is given. To determine the possible impact of C. neglecta on commercial forestry operations, two isolates were used in field pathogenicity trials on different clones of E. grandis. Isolates were shown to differ in their ability to cause lesions on E. grandis, with one isolate being highly pathogenic. The different clones of E. grandis also differed in their susceptibility to infection by the fungus.
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Ceratocystis neglecta Eucalypt (Eucalyptus) Colombia