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Anonymous (2012)
Forest insect and disease diagnostics
Frontline Express 58, 1-2
Abstract: As part of its role in the protection of Canada’s forests, Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Forest Service (NRCan-CFS) develops tools to mitigate the spread and impact of native and alien forest pests. An important first step in pest management, particularly when dealing with new invasive species, is obtaining the correct identification of the insect or pathogen causing the problem. This is particularly critical for suspected alien species because their origin and alien nature must be confirmed so that responsible authorities and management options compliant with international agreements can be identified. Correct identification of both alien and native species is also the gateway to all other scientific information associated with a species: its distribution, host range, biology, natural enemies, management options and potential impacts. Taxonomy is the branch of science that deals with identification of organisms and diagnosis is the expert use of taxonomic characteristics to identify these organisms. Programs concerned with conservation of biodiversity, climate change and invasive alien species all require significant taxonomic support including experts that can perform diagnosis and museums that can maintain a reference collection that enables verification of identity.
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