Forest Pathology (2021) 51 (2 - e12673)

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Michelle Cleary, Mimmi Blomquist, Marylise Marchand and Johanna Witzell (2021)
Oomycetes in rhizosphere soil of ornamental plants from retail nurseries in southern Sweden
Forest Pathology 51 (2 - e12673)
Abstract: Trade of herbaceous and woody ornamental plants is recognized as a principal pathway for the introduction of alien plant pathogens, such as soil-borne Phytophthora and Pythium species (oomycetes). The rhizosphere soil of container-grown plants obtained from 13 nurseries and garden centres in southern Sweden were sampled and the presence of Phytophthora and Pythium species determined using traditional baiting and isolation. DNA sequencing of isolates revealed five Phytophthora taxa including P. cinnamomi, P. citricola s.l., P. plurivora, P. undulata and a non-identified Phytophthora sp., as well as Phytopythium cf. citrinum and several species of Pythium. Phytophthora cinnamomi was detected on two different ornamental plants at the same nursery and is a first record of P. cinnamomi in Sweden. The survey revealed that a diversity of potentially pathogenic oomycetes is associated with ornamental plants available for sale in Sweden and emphasizes the need to recognize potential risks if these organisms get introduced in nature.
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