Forest Pathology (2018) 48 (2 - e12410)

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Milica Zlatkovic, Michael J. Wingfield, Fahimeh Jami and Bernard Slippers (2018)
Host specificity of co-infecting Botryosphaeriaceae on ornamental and forest trees in the Western Balkans
Forest Pathology 48 (2 - e12410)
Abstract: The Botryosphaeriaceae is a diverse family of endophytes and fungal pathogens of mainly woody plants. We considered the host range and distribution of these fungi by sampling diseased ornamental and forest trees and shrubs in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, spanning a Mediterranean and a Continental climatic region. In total, ten Botryosphaeriaceae species were identified in the Western Balkans and with the exception of Sphaeropsis visci and Phaeobotryon cupressi, which occurred on one host, all the species had a broader host range. Phaeobotryon cupressi was found only in the Mediterranean region and S. visci, Dothiorella sp., Dothiorella sarmentorum and Diplodia seriata were present only in the Continental region. Pathogenicity tests were conducted on a variety of hosts from which the Botryosphaeriaceae species were isolated. These included leaves and/or stems of seedlings of 21 hosts, and cut leaves and/or branches of six hosts. Moreover, stems of seedlings of Chamaecyparis lawsoniana, Cedrus deodara, Picea omorika, Pinus patula and Eucalyptus grandis were inoculated as hosts from which some or all of the Botryosphaeriaceae species used for inoculation were not isolated. Inoculations showed that the majority of these fungi could also co- infect hosts other than those from which they were isolated. The results suggest that most of the species have broad host ranges and can potentially cause disease on a broad range of tree species under certain conditions.
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general biology - morphology - evolution

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Botryosphaeria dothidea Serbia
Neofusicoccum parvum Serbia
Diplodia sapinea Serbia
Diplodia seriata Serbia
Diplodia mutila Serbia
Dothiorella sarmentorum Serbia
Dothiorella omnivora Serbia
Sphaeropsis visci Serbia
Phaeobotryon cupressi Montenegro