Florida Entomologist (2007) 90, 370-377

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Herbert N. Nigg, Rhonda A. Schumann, J.J. Yang and Suzanne Fraser (2007)
Consumption of bait solutions by Anastrepha suspensa
Florida Entomologist 90 (2), 370-377
Abstract: Nu-Lure and other protein solutions were presented to Anastrepha suspensa in J-tubes and consumption was quantified spectrophotometrically. In choice comparisons, flies consumed more or equal water compared to Nu-Lure and more Nu-Lure compared to Bragg's Liquid Aminos, corn steep liquor, NZ case, pepticase, Solulys, soy hydrolysate, Torula yeast, whey, and yeast enzymatic hydrolysate. Consumption of protein solutions was one-half or less than 0.2 M sucrose, the positive control. The addition of 0.2 M sucrose or 0.2 M fructose to Nu-Lure did not increase the consumption of Nu-Lure compared to the consumption of sucrose alone, suggesting that Nu-Lure negates the phagostimulant properties of sucrose and possibly fructose for A. suspensa. If higher consumption rates of a bait/toxicant mixture is a goal, 0.2 M sucrose would be a better choice than the protein solutions tested, including Nu-Lure.
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