Florida Entomologist (2004) 87, 317-323

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Mark S. Hoddle, Laurence A. Mound and Sueo Nakahara (2004)
Thysanoptera recorded from California, U.S.A.: A checklist
Florida Entomologist 87 (3), 317-323
Abstract: In California U.S.A., 238 named species of the insect Order Thysanoptera, in 87 genera and eight families, are listed as having been found in this state. Inspection of museum collections indicates many undescribed species of thrips exist. Little is known of the host plants of native California thrips species, due to imprecise collecting methods such as sweep netting swaths of mixed vegetation. At least 40 (~ 17%) of the listed species in California are introduced from other parts of the world. Two terebrantian families (Adiheterothripidae and Fauriellidae), and one genus (Orothrips) in a third terebrantian family (Aeolothripidae), have a remarkably disjunct distribution between California and the European Mediterranean region.

En el estado de California EEUU, estan listadas 238 especies descritas en el ordén de insectos Thysanoptera, pertenecientes a 87 géneros y ocho familias, apuntadas de haber sido encontrada en este estado. Una revisión de las colecciones en los museos indica que existe más especies de trips no descritas. Las plantas hospederas de las especies de trips nativas de California son poco conocidas, debido a los métodos imprecisos de recolectar, tal como pasar una red sobre vegetación mezclada. Por lo menos 40 (~17%) de las especies mencionadas en California son introducidas de otras partes del mundo. Dos familias terebrantianas (Adiheterothripidae y Fauriellidae), y un género (Orothrips) en una tercer familia terebrantiana (Aeolothripidae), tienen una distribución desarticulada entre California y la región mediterránea europea.
(The abstract is excluded from the Creative Commons licence and has been copied with permission by the publisher.)
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Taeniothrips inconsequens U.S.A. (SW)
Frankliniella occidentalis U.S.A. (SW)
Scirtothrips citri U.S.A. (SW)
Thrips tabaci U.S.A. (SW)
Frankliniella tritici U.S.A. (SW)
Tenothrips frici U.S.A. (SW)
Limothrips cerealium U.S.A. (SW)
Microcephalothrips abdominalis U.S.A. (SW)
Thrips hawaiiensis U.S.A. (SW)
Heliothrips haemorrhoidalis U.S.A. (SW)
Thrips australis U.S.A. (SW)
Pseudanaphothrips achaetus U.S.A. (SW)
Thrips nigropilosus U.S.A. (SW)
Echinothrips americanus U.S.A. (SW)
Hercinothrips femoralis U.S.A. (SW)
Frankliniella fusca U.S.A. (SW)
Drepanothrips reuteri U.S.A. (SW)
Scirtothrips longipennis U.S.A. (SW)
Thrips simplex U.S.A. (SW)
Liothrips vaneeckei U.S.A. (SW)
Frankliniella tenuicornis U.S.A. (SW)
Caliothrips phaseoli U.S.A. (SW)
Leucothrips nigripennis U.S.A. (SW)
Chaetanaphothrips orchidii U.S.A. (SW)
Gynaikothrips ficorum U.S.A. (SW)
Anaphothrips obscurus U.S.A. (SW)
Scirtothrips perseae U.S.A. (SW)
Aptinothrips stylifer U.S.A. (SW)
Thrips vulgatissimus U.S.A. (SW)
Acanthothrips nodicornis U.S.A. (SW)
Apterothrips apteris U.S.A. (SW)
Apterothrips secticornis U.S.A. (SW)
Aptinothrips rufus U.S.A. (SW)
Arorathrips mexicanus U.S.A. (SW)
Caliothrips fasciatus U.S.A. (SW)
Chirothrips manicatus U.S.A. (SW)
Dendrothrips ornatus U.S.A. (SW)
Frankliniella insularis U.S.A. (SW)
Frankliniella minuta U.S.A. (SW)
Frankliniella williamsi U.S.A. (SW)
Haplothrips leucanthemi U.S.A. (SW)
Haplothrips verbasci U.S.A. (SW)
Liothrips brevitubus U.S.A. (SW)
Liothrips varicornis U.S.A. (SW)
Neohydatothrips variabilis U.S.A. (SW)
Odontothrips loti U.S.A. (SW)
Parthenothrips dracaenae U.S.A. (SW)
Phlaeothrips coriaceus U.S.A. (SW)
Scirtothrips inermis U.S.A. (SW)
Taeniothrips orionis U.S.A. (SW)
Thrips madroni U.S.A. (SW)
Aeolothrips fasciatus (predator) U.S.A. (SW)
Franklinothrips vespiformis (predator) U.S.A. (SW)
Scolothrips sexmaculatus (predator) U.S.A. (SW)
Franklinothrips orizabensis (predator) U.S.A. (SW)
Aeolothrips kuwanaii (predator) U.S.A. (SW)
Scolothrips longicornis (predator) U.S.A. (SW)
Leptothrips mali (predator) U.S.A. (SW)
Aeolothrips collaris (predator) U.S.A. (SW)
Aeolothrips albicinctus (predator) U.S.A. (SW)