Florida Entomologist (2001) 84, 735-736

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Lloyd R. Davis, Robert K. Vander Meer and Sanford D. Porter (2001)
Red imported fire ants expand their range across the West Indies
Florida Entomologist 84 (4), 735-736
Abstract: We present new records for Solenopsis invicta from the Bahama Islands (Abaco Island, Grand Bahama Island, and Gorda Cay) and the first records from the British Virgin Islands (Guana Island); the United States Virgin Islands (St. Croix, 2 sites); the Turks and Caicos Islands (Providenciales, 7 sites), Antigua (4 sites); and the island of Trinidad. These records indicate that this potentially damaging species is becoming widely distributed across the West Indies.
(The abstract is excluded from the Creative Commons licence and has been copied with permission by the publisher.)
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Solenopsis invicta Bahamas
Solenopsis invicta Trinidad and Tobago
Solenopsis invicta Antigua and Barbuda
Solenopsis invicta Turks and Caicos Isl.
Solenopsis invicta United States Virgin Isl.
Solenopsis invicta British Virgin Islands