Fitopatologia Brasileira (2006) 31, p. 209 (Maciel et al.)

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João L.N. Maciel, Marcelo G. de Moraes, Marcus A.K. Almança, Aida T.S. Matsumura and Johannes H. Falcade (2006)
Ocorrência do vírus Rice stripe necrosis virus em lavouras de arroz do Rio Grande do Sul
[Ocurrence of Rice stripe necrosis virus in rice crops from Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil]
Fitopatologia Brasileira 31 (2), 209-209
Abstract: A viral disease in rice (Orysa sativa), caused by Rice stripe necrosis virus (RSNV), is reported for the first time in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.
(original language: Portuguese)
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Rice stripe necrosis virus Rice (Oryza) Brazil (south)