Fitopatologia Brasileira (2005) 30, p. 201 (Ferreira et al.)

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Francisco A. Ferreira, José Eduardo P. Mendes and José Luis Maia (2005)
Mortalidade de estacas enraizadas de Pinus spp. causada por Rhizoctonia solani
[Mortality of rooted cuttings of Pinus spp. in Brazil caused by Rhizoctonia solani]
Fitopatologia Brasileira 30 (2), 201-201
Abstract: This is the first report in Brazil of Rhizoctonia solani causing mortality of rooted cuttings of Pinus caribaea var. hondurensis, P. tecunumanii, and their hybrids. The disease occurred in patches, with affected needles becoming soft and sticky, followed by death of the entire apical tuft of needles, which turned reddish-brown. Tebuconazole or iprodione fungicide sprays have been recommended to control the disease.
(original language: Portuguese)
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Rhizoctonia solani Pine (Pinus) Brazil (south)