Fitopatologia Brasileira (2005) 30, 522-524

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Flavia C.R. Barbosa, Carlos R. Casela, Ludwig H. Pfenning and Fredolino G. Santos (2005)
Identification of sources of resistance in sorghum to Peronosclerospora sorghi
Fitopatologia Brasileira 30 (5), 522-524
Abstract: The main objective of this work was to identify sources of resistance in sorghum (Sorghum bicolor) to Peronosclerospora sorghi, the causal agent of downy mildew, through the evaluation of 42 sorghum genotypes under natural infection in the field. Genotypes were planted in single row plots between two rows of the susceptible line SC283, planted 30 days before, to act as spreader rows, in two separate nurseries. The experimental design was a completely randomized block design with three replications. Sorghum genotypes CMSXS156, CMSXS157, CMSXS243, TxARG-1, 8902, 9902054, 9910032, 9910296, Tx430, QL-3, SC170-6-17, CMSXS762 and BR304 were classified as highly resistant in both nurseries. Among these, SC170-6-17 and 9910296 showed 0% systemic infection. Results indicated the possible occurrence of different pathotypes of P. sorghi in the two nurseries.
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