Fitopatologia Brasileira (2004) 29, p. 103 (Viana et al.)

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Francisco M.P. Viana, Francisco C.O. Freire, José R.G. Araújo and Maria N.G. Pessoa (2004)
Influência da variedade da copa na incidência da gomose-de-Phytophthora em porta-enxerto de limoeiro 'Cravo' no Estado do Piauí
[Influence of scion variety on the incidence of Phytophthora gummosis in Rangpur lime rootstock in the State of Piauí, Brazil]
Fitopatologia Brasileira 29 (1), 103-103
Abstract: The sensitivity of the 'Brazilian Rangpur' lime (Citrus limonia) rootstock combined with three scions was evaluated for the incidence of gummosis caused by Phytophthora parasitica. The 'Pêra' sweet orange (Citrus sinensis) scion induced the highest tolerance to rootstock resulting in a survival rate of 89% of plants up to five years after transplanting. In comparison, survival rates for the same time period were only 84.7% and 58.7%, respectively, for the 'Galego' sweet lime (Citrus aurantifolia) and 'Thaiti' lime (Citrus latifolia) scions.
(original language: Portuguese)
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