Fitopatologia Brasileira (2002) 27, 538-542

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Dauri J. Tessmann and José C. Dianese (2002)
Hentriacontane: a leaf hydrocarbon from Syzygium jambos with stimulatory effects on the germination of urediniospores of Puccinia psidii
Fitopatologia Brasileira 27 (5), 538-542
Abstract: A crude Sohxlet extract from leaves of Syzygium jambos was sequentially fractionated using a silica gel flash column. A bioassay based on the numbers of urediniospores of Puccinia psidii that germinated in 2% water agar detected an active stimulant of germination when the fraction eluted with 100% n-hexane was used. The active fraction induced up to 88% increase in germination when added to a spore suspension in mineral oil. The active fraction was characterized as a hydrocarbon by 1H nuclear magnetic resonance, 13C nuclear magnetic resonance, and infrared analysis. Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry analysis indicated that the fraction was a long-chain 436 MW hydrocarbon with corresponding to C31H64, namely hentriacontane. This is the first time such a compound proved to be involved with stimulation of fungal spore germination. These results may contribute to better understanding the infection process of rusts.
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