European Journal of Plant Pathology (2020) 156, 257-272

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Artur Mikicinski, Joanna Pulawska, Assel Molzhigitova and Piotr Sobiczewski (2020)
Bacterial species recognized for the first time for its biocontrol activity against fire blight (Erwinia amylovora)
European Journal of Plant Pathology 156 (1), 257-272
Abstract: This study included eight bacterial isolates originating from the apple phyllosphere or soil environment that were previously selected using the pear fruitlet test (Mikicinski 2017). Identification of these isolates based on phenotypic assays and DNA analysis showed that five of them belonged to species for which an antagonistic activity against Erwinia amylovora and the protective capacity of apple and pear against fire blight were not previously demonstrated. These were L16 identified as Pseudomonas vancouverensis, 3 M as Pseudomonas chlororaphis subsp. aureofaciens, 35 M – Pseudomonas congelans, 43 M – Enterobacter ludwigii, and 59 M – Pseudomonas protegens. Investigation of the biotic relationships between the tested strains and E. amylovora showed that 3 M, 35 M and 59 M inhibited the growth of the pathogen on five out of six media used (NAS, KB, LB, R2A, NAG), but 43 M did not do so on any of these media. Strain L16 did not inhibit the growth of the pathogen on LB or R2A medium. In contrast, all strains grown on medium 925 stimulated the growth of the pathogen, which showed no growth without co-cultivation with these strains. The experiments on apple trees and detached apple branches showed the ability of the tested bacteria to protect flowers at medium to high levels, depending on the experiment (55–93%). In some cases, this protection was even higher than that of the copper product used for comparison. In studies assessing the bacterial ability to protect shoots of M.26, the highest efficacy was observed for strains 35 M (96%) and 43 M (93%) but on 'Gala Must' all tested strains showed 100% of efficacy.
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Erwinia amylovora Apple (Malus)
Pseudomonas chlororaphis (antagonist) Erwinia amylovora Apple (Malus)
Pseudomonas protegens (antagonist) Erwinia amylovora Apple (Malus)