European Journal of Plant Pathology (2017) 147, 683-693

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K. Pesicová, M. Kolarík, B. Hortová and D. Novotny (2017)
Diversity and identification of Neofabraea species causing bull's eye rot in the Czech Republic
European Journal of Plant Pathology 147 (3), 683-693
Abstract: Four Neofabraea species are responsible for bull's eye rot, which is an important postharvest disease of apples and pears. The species diversity of its causal agents in Europe has not been thoroughly explored using molecular genetic methods. Eighty-one Neofabraea isolates were obtained mostly from apples with bull's eye rot symptoms in the Czech Republic over a two year period. The isolates were identified using PCR fingerprinting and DNA sequencing of the ITS rDNA region, the mitochondrial SSU rDNA and the ß-tubulin and EF1α genes. The most common species was N. alba (89 %), followed by N. perennans (5 %) and N. kienholzii (5 %). This is the third published record of N. kienholzii in Europe. The species identity of the isolate CPPF507, which was placed close to N. kienholzii, remains unclear. EF1α was shown to be a suitable marker for the identification of species of the genus Neofabraea and was comparable to the previously used ß-tubulin gene. Furthermore, the aggressiveness of individual species was compared and species distribution across Europe was summarized. N. perennans and isolate CPPF507 proved to be the most aggressive, whereas the least aggressive was N. kienholzii. Two N. alba isolates isolated from symptomless apple fruits and leaves were pathogenic to apples in the infection tests.
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Phlyctema vagabunda Apple (Malus) Czech Republic
Neofabraea perennans Apple (Malus) Czech Republic
Neofabraea kienholzii Apple (Malus) Czech Republic