European Journal of Forest Pathology (1999) 29, 161-167

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L.M. van Zyl and M.J. Wingfield (1999)
Wound response of Eucalyptus clones after inoculation with Cryphonectria cubensis
European Journal of Forest Pathology 29 (2), 161-167
Abstract: Twenty-five different Eucalyptus grandis clones were artificially wounded and inoculated with a virulent isolate of Cryphonectria cubensis. The capacity of wounds to close through callus production was correlated with the relative susceptibility of these clones to infection by C. cubensis. Clones with the greatest capacity to close wounds were those that were also most tolerant to C. cubensis infection. Those with a lower capacity to close wounds were most susceptible to Cryphonectria canker.
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