European Journal of Forest Pathology (1995) 25, 31-37

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A. Ragazzi, S. Moricca and I. Dellavalle (1995)
Growth of axenic cultures of Cronartium flaccidum on callus tissue from Pinus nigra var. laricio and Pinus sylvestris
European Journal of Forest Pathology 25 (1), 31-37
Abstract: The callus-fungal method was employed to test the response to C. flaccidum of the highly susceptible P. nigra var. laricio and the resistant P. sylvestris, and to ascertain whether results obtained with this method matched in planta observations. Calli were inoculated with axenie cultures of C. flaccidum obtained by incubating basidiospores on modified Schenk and Hildebrandt medium. Several parameters were evaluated. Colony growth was more rapid on P. nigra var. laricio. Colonies were dense on P. nigra var. laricio, but sparse on P. sylvestris. Aerial hyphae growth was abundant on P. nigra var. laricio, but less frequent on P. sylvestris. Hyphal branching began after 18 h on P. nigra var. laricio and after 45 h on P. sylvestris. Necrosis of the host cells set in after 24 h on P. nigra var. laricio, and after 70 h on P. sylvestris. The number of cells with plasmolysis was much larger in P. nigra var. laricio than in P. sylvestris. These results were consistent with the known resistance of the two species on whole plants.
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