European Journal of Entomology (2014) 111, 221-226

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Su Wang, J.P. Michaud, Xiao-Ling Tan and Fan Zhang (2014)
Comparative suitability of aphids, thrips and mites as prey for the flower bug Orius sauteri (Hemiptera: Anthocoridae)
European Journal of Entomology 111 (2), 221-226
Abstract: The predatory bug Orius sauteri (Poppius) (Hemiptera: Anthocoridae) is an important biological control agent in Asia that is often released on field crops and in greenhouses to control pests on vegetable and ornamental plants. This study compared the developmental and reproductive performance of O. sauteri on monotypic diets of four aphid species, western flower thrips, and two-spotted spider mite. Thrips emerged as the optimal prey type, consistent with findings for many other Orius spp. A diet of Frankliniella occidentalis (Pergande) yielded the fastest development, largest adult body size, shortest pre-oviposition period, and highest fecundity and longevity. Tetranychus urticae (Koch) was the next most suitable prey by most performance measures. Among aphids, Myzus persicae (Sulzer) was the most suitable and Aphis gossypii Glover the least suitable, with Aphis craccivora Koch and Megoura japonica (Matsumura) intermediate. Female O. sauteri were larger than males and female body mass varied more with prey type than did that of males. Despite the variation in performance among prey, all prey species yielded equally good juvenile survival and none would be expected to negatively impact the numerical response of O. sauteri in biological control applications where these arthropods form part of the prey complex.
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Aphis gossypii
Myzus persicae
Tetranychus urticae
Frankliniella occidentalis
Aphis craccivora
Orius sauteri (predator) Myzus persicae
Orius sauteri (predator) Tetranychus urticae
Orius sauteri (predator) Frankliniella occidentalis China (NE)