Euphytica (2018) 214 (11 - 201)

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Oscar Crespo, Dirk Janssen, Carmen Robles and Leticia Ruiz (2018)
Resistance to Cucumber green mottle mosaic virus in Cucumis sativus
Euphytica 214 (11 - 201)
Abstract: Cucumber green mottle mosaic virus (CGMMV) is a severe threat for cucumber production worldwide. At present, there are no cultivars available in the market which show an effective resistance or tolerance to CGMMV infection, only wild Cucumis species were reported as resistant. Germplasm accessions of Cucumis sativus, as well as C. anguria and C. metuliferus, were mechanically infected with the European and Asian strains of CGMMV and screened for resistance, by scoring symptom severity, and conventional RT-PCR. The viral loads of both CGMMV strains were determined in a selected number of genotypes using quantitative RT-PCR. Severe symptoms were found following inoculation in C. metuliferus and in 44 C. sativus accessions, including C. sativus var. hardwickii. Ten C. sativus accessions, including C. sativus var. sikkimensis, showed intermediate symptoms and only 2 C. sativus accessions showed mild symptoms. C. anguria was resistant to both strains of CGMMV because no symptoms were expressed and the virus was not detected in systemic leaves. High amounts of virus were found in plants showing severe symptoms, whereas low viral amounts found in those with mild symptoms. In addition, the viral amounts detected in plants which showed intermediate symptoms at 23 and 33 dpi, were significantly higher in plants inoculated with the Asian CGMMV strain than those with the European strain. This difference was statistically significant. Also, the amounts of virus detected over time in plants did not change significantly. Finally, the two newly identified partially resistant C. sativus accessions may well be candidates for breeding programs and reduce the losses produced by CGMMV with resistant commercial cultivars.
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Cucumber green mottle mosaic virus Cucumber (Cucumis sativus)