Euphytica (1998) 103, 203-209

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Emel Uslu, Terry E. Miller, Navideh H. Rezanoor and Paul Nicholson (1998)
Resistance of Dasypyrum villosum to the cereal eyespot pathogens, Tapesia yallundae and Tapesia acuformis
Euphytica 103 (2), 203-209
Abstract: Resistance to T. yallundae and T. acuformis was studied in addition lines of D. villosum chromosomes to Chinese Spring wheat and in five D. villosum accessions. In order to investigate the resistance of D. villosum chromosomes to the two eyespot pathogens, inoculated seedlings were scored by visual estimates of disease severity 10 weeks after inoculation. In addition, DNA was isolated from these plants and the fungal DNAs of both species were quantified by competitive PCR. Visual assessment showed D. villosum to be resistant (to both T. yallundae and T. acuformis) compared to Chinese Spring. The level of pathogen DNA was also generally lower in D. villosum accessions than in Chinese Spring. The resistance to T. yallundae was determined by factor(s) on chromosomes 1V, 2V, 3V(?) and 4V. In contrast resistance to T. acuformis was not found on 4V but on chromosomes 1V, 2V, 3V(?) and to a lesser extent 5V. This work indicates that in D. villosum the genetic basis of resistance to the two pathogens differs.
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