Euphytica (1997) 97, 45-52

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T. Srinivas, M.V. Reddy, K.C. Jain and M.S.S. Reddy (1997)
Inheritance of resistance to two isolates of sterility mosaic pathogen in pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp.)
Euphytica 97 (1), 45-52
Abstract: Studies were conducted to determine the inheritance of resistance to two isolates of the sterility mosaic pathogen, in three crosses of pigeonpea, involving resistant (ICP 7035, ICP 7349 and ICP 8850) and susceptible (ICP 8863) lines. Observations of F1 and F2 plants were explained on the basis of two independent non-allelic recessive genes for the less virulent, old Patancheru isolate (isolate 1). The backcrosses corroborated the segregation pattern observed in the F2 generation. For the more virulent, new Patancheru isolate (isolate 2), differential behavior of the F1's was observed. Resistance was dominant in two crosses (ICP 7035 X ICP 8863 and ICP 7349 X ICP 8863), and susceptibility in the other cross (ICP 8850 X ICP 8863). The disease reaction for isolate 2, appeared to be governed by a single gene with three alleles, with one resistance allele exhibiting dominance and the other being recessive, over the allele for susceptibility. Monogenic inheritance of resistance to both isolates was noticed in the cross ICP 8850 X ICP 8863.
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