Eotetranychus carpini

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Eotetranychus carpini (Oudemans) - (hornbeam mite)

The mite is polyphagous and found in Europe and North America. For example, it infests the shoots and leaves of grapevine in southern Europe, feeding on the underside of the leaves, along the veins. The mites spin a loose webbing to protect themselves from natural enemies. The adults overwinter in cracks of the bark and move to the young shoots in spring, causing drying up of the shoots and flowers. The female is about one third of a mm long and yellowish.

Tetranychus flavus

Vernacular names
• Deutsch: Weissbuchenspinnmilbe
• English: hornbeam mite
yellow mite
• Español: araña amarilla de la vid
• Français: tétranyque de la vigne