Environmental Entomology (1981) 10, 458-461

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Kevin F. Cannon and Wm. H. Robinson (1981)
Wood consumption and growth of Hylotrupes bajulus (L.) larvae in three environments
Environmental Entomology 10 (4), 458-461
Abstract: The combined effects of temperature, relative humidity (RH), and wood moisture content (WMC) on wood consumption and growth of H. bajulus larvae in three locations are reported here. The locations and environmental conditions during the 90-day experiment were: house basement, 24.8 ± 0.68°C, 78.1 ± 3.4% RH, 8.7% WMC: house attic, 24.5 ± 10.8°C, 75.5 ± 9.5% RH, 7.6% WMC; laboratory, 29.6 ± 2.3°C, 81.9 ± 5.5% RH, 10.1% WMC. Larvae (n = 16) in the laboratory consumed the largest amount of wood (2,959 mg per larva). The wood consumed by larvae (n = 16) in the basement (2,398 mg per larva) was not significantly different from those in the laboratory. Larvae (n = 17) in the attic consumed less wood (1,086 mg per larva) than those in the laboratory or basement. Results indicate that despite a significant difference between weight classes, small larvae (mean = 55.3 mg, n = 15) consumed nearly the same amount of wood as medium (mean = 151.5, n = 16) and large (mean = 296.9, n = 18) larvae in each location.
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