Entomological Science (2018) 21, 347-360

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Masahiko Tanahashi and Takema Fukatsu (2018)
Natsumushi: Image measuring software for entomological studies
Entomological Science 21 (3), 347-360
Abstract: Natsumushi is a free image analysis software that offers easy handling and quick measurement, designed especially for entomologists as the main users. The software enables measurement of: (i) color features of a specific region; (ii) area size; (iii) length of simple lines or polylines; and (iv) number of points or their x–y coordinates. Users can specify the region for measurement either manually or automatically by using image thresholding operations. The software is freely available at the website https://staff.aist.go.jp/t-fukatsu/Natsumushi.html.
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(original language: English)
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