Entomological Review (2004) 84, 389-392

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N.P. Vaghina (2004)
Trophic diapause in the tropical coccinellid Harmonia sedecimnotata (Fabr.) (Coleoptera, Coccinellidae): Induction and reactivation
Entomological Review 84 (4), 389-392
Abstract: Food deficiency slows down the oocyte maturation in ovipositing females of Harmonia sedecimnotata. However, trophic reproductive diapause, characterized by cessation of oogenesis at the stage of the oogonia maturation, can be induced only by a complete lack of protein-rich food (aphids). Reactivation from the trophic diapause is possible only if protein-rich food becomes available again, irrespective of its quantity; the amount of food affects only the number of eggs laid.
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Harmonia sedecimnotata (predator)