Entomologia Sinica (2000) 7, 329-336

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Yong-Dan Li and Li-Ying Wang (2000)
Ultrastructure and DNA restriction endonuclease analysis of Calliptamus italicus entomopoxvirus
Entomologia Sinica 7 (4), 329-336
Abstract: Calliptamus italicus entomopoxvirus (CiEPV) was isolated from the grasshopper Calliptamus italicus. This virus mainly infects the host's fat body, and its development in the cytoplasm includes 4 steps: the appearance of viroplasm in the cytoplasm of fat body; the formation of immature virions by budding from viro-plasm; the differentiation of mature virions from immature virions and the accumulation of occlusion-body protein. The mature virions are oval with mulberry-like surface, measuring 190 nm X 350 nm in size. Most of the occlusion bodies are elliptical, some are square- round in shape. There are great differences in size ranging from 1.5 µm X 1.9 µm to 8.8 µm X 12.3 µm. CiEPV DNA, when cleaved with restriction endonuclease EcoR I Bg1 II and Hin d III, produces 16-18 and 10 fragments respectively, and the molecular weight of this DNA was estimated to be 135.7 X 106 daltons. Some characteristics of morphology and DNA were compared between CiEPV and Oedaleus asiaticus EPV (OaEPV) reported previously.
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Calliptamus italicus
Calliptamus italicus entomopoxvirus (entomopathogen) Calliptamus italicus