Entomologia Generalis (2007) 30, 71-77

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Gabriele Schrader, Monika Könning and Ramona Dahl (2007)
Laboratory rearing of a non-resistant strain of the cockroach species Blattella germanica (Blattariae: Blattellidae)
Entomologia Generalis 30 (1), 71-77
Abstract: Novel legislation within the European Communities requires that products containing non-agricultural insecticides be assessed prior to their marketing in regard to their efficacy against the target organisms. For substances against cockroaches, efficacy tests should be carried out against non-resistant cohorts of two species, namely Blatta orientalis (Von Linné 1758) and Blattella germanica (Linné 1767). Relevant populations ought to be reared under standard conditions in order to be of uniform quality and age. Techniques have been described for B. orientalis, but are lacking for the rearing of B. germanica. Therefore, a methodology for mass rearing of age-standardized cohorts of B. germanica is described here. At this laboratory a median number of 36,5 (mean 36,8, SD 4,2) nymphs emerge per first oothecae and 39 (mean 38,4, SD 6,0) per egg cases not selected for age. Development time from hatch to adults is 45 days. The production of about 1,000 individuals per month and 3-5,000 in less than 2 months is possible.
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