Entomologia Generalis (1999) 23, 259-269

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J.P. Fazekas, F. Kádár, M. Sarospataki and G.L. Lövei (1999)
Seasonal activity and reproduction in the spring breeding groundbeetle species Agonum dorsale and Brachinus explodens in Hungary (Coleoptera: Carabidae)
Entomologia Generalis 23 (4), 259-269
Abstract: Seasonal activity, age structure and egg production of 2 spring-breeding ground beetle species, Agonum dorsale (Pontoppidan 1763) and Brachinus explodens Duftschmid 1812, were studied in an abandoned apple orchard near Budapest, Hungary. The activity peak of both species was in May-June, reflecting their spring breeding habits. The reproductive patterns of both were similar. Ripe eggs were found in the ovaries from V-VII. Peak egg numbers and the highest mean number of eggs occurred in the second half of V and the first week of VI. The mean number of eggs in the ovaries was 13.5 eggs/F in B. explodens, and 5.4 eggs/F in A. dorsale. The egg volume of B. explodens, however, was about 25% of the A. dorsale egg volume. Although the total egg numbers were similar for the 2 species, the reproductive effort of A. dorsale was considerably higher.
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Anchomenus dorsalis (predator) Hungary
Brachinus explodens (predator) Hungary