Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata (2000) 95, 269-281

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Kieran M. Clements, Clyde E. Sorenson, Brian M. Wiegmann, Paul A. Neese and R. Michael Roe (2000)
Genetic, biochemical, and behavioral uniformity among populations of Myzus nicotianae and Myzus persicae
Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata 95 (3), 269-281
Abstract: Prior to designation as distinct species, an appellation presently in question, the tobacco aphid, Myzus nicotianae Blackman (Homoptera: Aphididae), was classified as a tobacco-feeding form of the green peach aphid, Myzus persicae (Sulzer). In this study, RAPD polymorphisms distinguished members of the Myzus persicae complex (M. persicae and M. nicotianae) from three outgroup Myzus species (M. cerasi (F.), M. hemerocallis Takahashi, and M. varians Davidson). Polymorphisms within the complex did not separate populations on the basis of host association (tobacco versus other host plants) or geographic origin (collections from the United States, Europe, and Japan). Similarly, while GC-MS analysis of cuticular hydrocarbon profiles revealed both developmental and inter-populational differences within the M. persicae complex, it did not separate populations of tobacco feeding aphids from those collected off non-tobacco hosts. Finally, with the exception of their responses to a choice between lettuce and collards, the host preference behavior of a green peach aphid population, a red tobacco aphid population, and a green tobacco aphid population was indistinguishable in host preference experiments. These results add to a growing body of evidence suggesting M. nicotianae and M. persicae are conspecific.
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