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Publications of Edward G. LeBrun (8 listed):

PLoS ONE (2019) 14 (11 - e0225597)
Edward G. LeBrun, Robert M. Plowes, Patricia J. Folgarait, Martin Bollazzi and Lawrence E. Gilbert (2019)
Ritualized aggressive behavior reveals distinct social structures in native and introduced range tawny crazy ants

Journal of Applied Entomology (2018) 142, 114-124
E.G. LeBrun, K.J. Ottens and L.E. Gilbert (2018)
The microsporidian pathogen Myrmecomorba nylanderiae: Intracolony transmission and impact upon tawny crazy ant (Nylanderia fulva) colonies

Molecular Ecology (2017) 26, 1608-1630
Yi Hu, David A. Holway, Piotr Lukasik, Linh Chau, Adam D. Kay, Edward G. LeBrun, Katie A. Miller, Jon G. Sanders, Andrew V. Suarez and Jacob A. Russell (2017)
By their own devices: invasive Argentine ants have shifted diet without clear aid from symbiotic microbes

Biological Invasions (2013) 15, 2429-2442
Edward G. LeBrun, John Abbott and Lawrence E. Gilbert (2013)
Imported crazy ant displaces imported fire ant, reduces and homogenizes grassland ant and arthropod assemblages

BioControl (2011) 56, 295-304
Robert M. Plowes, Edward G. LeBrun and Lawrence E. Gilbert (2011)
Introduction of the fire ant decapitating fly Pseudacteon obtusus in the United States: factors influencing establishment in Texas

Annals of the Entomological Society of America (2009) 102, 937-958
Robert M. Plowes, Edward G. Lebrun, Brian V. Brown and Lawrence E. Gilbert (2009)
A review of Pseudacteon (Diptera: Phoridae) that parasitize ants of the Solenopsis geminata complex (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)

Biological Invasions (2008) 10, 989-999
Edward G. LeBrun, Robert M. Plowes and Lawrence E. Gilbert (2008)
Dynamic expansion in recently introduced populations of fire ant parasitoids (Diptera: Phoridae)

Southwestern Entomologist (2008) 33, 15-29
L.E. Gilbert, C.L. Barr, A.A. Calixto, J.L. Cook, B.M. Drees, E.G. Lebrun, R.J.W. Patrock, R.M. Plowes, S.D. Porter and R.T. Puckett (2008)
Introducing phorid fly parasitoids of red imported fire ant workers from South America to Texas: Outcomes vary by region and by Pseudacteon species released