EPPO Bulletin (2020) 50, 122-141

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Anonymous (2020)
PM 9/27 (1) ' Candidatus Liberibacter' species that are causal agents of Huanglongbing disease of citrus and their vectors: procedures for official control
EPPO Bulletin 50 (1), 122-141
Abstract: Scope - This Standard describes procedures for official control with the aim of detecting, containing and eradicating those ' Candidatus Liberibacter' species which are causal agents of Huanglongbing (also known as citrus greening disease) and their vectors Trioza erytreae and Diaphorina citri. NPPOs may draw on this guidance when developing national contingency plans for outbreaks of ' Candidatus Liberibacter' species and their vectors.
Approval and amendment - First approved in 2019-09.
(The abstract is excluded from the Creative Commons licence and has been copied with permission by the publisher.)
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Liberibacter asiaticus
Trioza erytreae
Diaphorina citri
Liberibacter africanus
Liberibacter americanus