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Publications of Dustin F. Lewis (4 listed):

Weed Science (2013) 61, 348-352
Dustin F. Lewis, Rory L. Roten, Wesley J. Everman, Travis W. Gannon, Robert J. Richardson and Fred H. Yelverton (2013)
Absorption, translocation, and metabolism of aminocyclopyrachlor in tall fescue (Lolium arundinaceum)

Weed Science (2013) 61, 594-600
Dustin F. Lewis, Robert J. Richardson, Fred H. Yelverton and Thomas R. Wentworth (2013)
Bioavailability of aminocyclopyrachlor and triclopyr plus clopyralid from turfgrass clippings in aquatic and riparian plants

Weed Technology (2012) 26, 267-271
Dustin F. Lewis, Scott McElroy and Greg K. Breeden (2012)
Control of summer annual grasses during seeded zoysiagrass establishment with various timings and rates of fluazifop, triclopyr, and fluazifop plus triclopyr

Weed Technology (2010) 24, 489-494
D.F. Lewis, J.S. McElroy, J.C. Sorochan, T.C. Mueller, T.J. Samples and G.K. Breeden (2010)
Efficacy and safening of aryloxyphenoxypropionate herbicides when tank-mixed with triclopyr for bermudagrass control in zoysiagrass turf