Dothideales (weed pathogens)

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Dothideales (weed pathogens)

This order of fungi is part of the Dothideomycetes and contains mainly saprophytic and plant pathogenic species. Several species are being investigated as biological control agents of weeds. This page deals with the latter group.

Like other groups under this class, the members form asci which are enclosed in a double wall (bitunicate asci). Traditionally, the order was defined by the morphology of its fruiting bodies, like the immersed and thick-walled ascomata. However, taxonomists now rely on the DNA structure to assign genera to this group.

For a taxonomical review see Thambugala et al., 2014.

Please note that this page only deals with weed pathogens, for other groups of Dothideales see:

The following genera are currently entered as weed bioagents under this order: