Dominic Eyre

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Name Dominic Eyre
Position Plant health entomologist
Affiliation Animal and Plant Health
Dept of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
Sand Hutton
York YO41 1LZ
United Kingdom
Website of affiliation
Email dominic.eyre(at)
Last update 08.05.2017

Publications of Dominic Eyre (9 listed):

Journal of Economic Entomology (2018) 111, 707-715
Dominic Eyre, Roy Macarthur, Robert A. Haack, Yi Lu and Hannes Krehan (2018)
Variation in inspection efficacy by member states of wood packaging material entering the European Union

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In Q. Wang (ed.), Cerambycidae of the world: Biology and management. CRC Press.

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Risk management to prioritise the eradication of new and emerging invasive non-native species

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Pest Management Science (2013) 69, 3-6
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D.J. Kriticos, P. Reynaud, R.H.A. Baker and D. Eyre (2012)
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