Crop Science (2016) 56, 1904-1913

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Mitchell L. Wise, Marcus A. Vinje and Shawn P. Conley (2016)
Field application of benzothiadiazole (BTH) to oats (Avena sativa): Effects on crown rust resistance and avenanthramide production
Crop Science 56 (4), 1904-1913
Abstract: Avenanthramides are phenolic antioxidants produced in oat (Avena sativa L.) in response to fungal infection and, as shown in greenhouse experiments, by treatment with plant defense activators, such as benzothiadiazole (BTH). Presented here are the results of application of BTH under field conditions. Field trials were conducted in 2013 using four application rates, approximating manufacturer's recommendations, on two oat cultivars and in 2014 using three application rates on three oat cultivars. The results showed a subtle but demonstrable effect of increased avenanthramide production in vegetative tissue and mature grain and enhanced resistance to crown rust infection. Gene expression of pathogenesis related protein-1 (PR-1), phenylalanine ammonia lyase (PAL) and hydroxycinnamoyl-CoA:hydroxyanthranilate hydroxycinnamoyl-CoA transferase (HHT) was also monitored by RT-qPCR. Both PR-1 and PAL expression were demonstrably up-regulated in the field trials; HHT was not. However, greenhouse experiments showed all three genes to be elicited with 63-, 9-, and 3-fold increases, respectively. Thus, field application of plant defense activators can effectively enhance crown rust resistance and avenanthramide production in oat by up-regulating certain metabolic pathways; their practical application, however, will require substantial investigative efforts.
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