Colletotrichum circinans

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Colletotrichum circinans symptoms on onion
Author(s): Howard F. Schwartz, Colorado State University
Source: IPM Images
Colletotrichum circinans acervulus with setae and asexual spores
Author(s): Cesar Calderon, USDA APHIS PPQ
Source: IPM Images

Colletotrichum circinans (Berk.) Voglino (1921) - (onion smudge)

This fungus infects onions and relatives (Allium species), causing damping-off and death of seedlings, as well as a smudge disease on the bulbs. It can be found in most onion growing regions. The conidia persist in the soil and plant debris. They can infect a new crop in the following year.

On the bulbs the lesions can be diffuse and are approximately round in outline, often with concentric rings. These become dark and reach a diameter of about 1-2 cm with black acervuli and long setae.